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The Bygone Collection - Features

White Woodgrain Effect Sash Windows

Bygone sash windows are built to withstand punishing conditions. With installations in extreme weather locations such as The Lands End Hotel, Bygone sash windows have been designed to cope with driving rain, howling winds and to prevent water forcing its way into your home.

Scrupulous attention to detail combined with a passion for creating the very best sash windows means that a Bygone sash window has many design advantages. Here are just a few explained ..

Authentic Appearance - White Painted Timber effect

Bygone offer an authentic grained effect which creates a stunning painted wood appearance with the low maintenance and longevity of PVC-u.
So convincing is this effect that one planner, building his own home, and standing only a few feet from the window, could not believe that he really was looking at a PVC-u product. Do the same test yourself when you see all the bygone ranges at our showroom?

It has been hard to get close to the original white painted timber appearance of original sash windows with modern low maintenance materials, Until now that is!

Unique Design - Surface mounted, bonded Georgian bars

The Georgian bars that create each pane are crucial to the authentic look of a sash window. Only one thing achieves that result - authentically shaped, securely fixed, surface mounted external glazing bars.

Bygone UPVC sash windows have external bonded bars as standard, which add a third dimension to your windows, protruding from the surface of the glass the way the muntin bars did on the originals creating depth, character and shadow lines.

The Bygone Collection uses a patented method of interlocking the Georgian bars together before clamping them to the glass with a Georgi ClipTM. Bygone sash window bars are guaranteed to
stay firmly attached - even when they are used to open the windows!

Unique Design - Torso Balances

Balances are an extremely important component of a sash window. They're the engine, they provide extra assistance to make it easier to open and close heavy sashes. TORSO balances are guaranteed to open and close for at least fjfty thousand cycles that is three times per day, every day for the next fifty years. That is why we fit them as standard.

Unique Design - Tilt Restrictors

Cleaning Bygone sash windows is safe and easy, these restrictors are fitted as standard.

Unlike many other sash windows, the unique dual tilt restrictors on a Bygone window means each sash can be tilted back, at the perfect angle for easy and safe cleaning from the inside of your home. On exceptionally large windows (too heavy for standard tilt restrictors) we include as
standard safety stays. Small tilt restrictors designed to prevent the accidental unlocking of sash windows again another unique Bygone feature



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